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Convene Hope & Healing help others by supporting dynamic experiences. We will provide diverse principle-centered content that motivates and empowers a changed mindset. (H) Helping (O) Other (P) People (E) Engage

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Convene Hope & Support: Transformative Experiences Await You!

Convene Hope & Support is not just a community; it's a movement dedicated to fostering positive change through dynamic and diverse experiences. Our mission is to provide principle-centered content that not only motivates but also empowers individuals to cultivate a changed mindset.

(H) Helping

(O) Other

(P) People

(E) Engage

We are on a quest to expand this vibrant community, and we need you to be an integral part of it! Dive into the interactive nature of our space by creating experiences, groups, and discussion boards. Everyone is welcome to contribute, regardless of your background or expertise. If you have a knack for writing, we invite you to become a valued contributor to our blogs. Submit your pieces to Matthew Currin at matthewcurrin@convenecommunities.com.

Reflect on your life's journey—what challenges have you overcome that might inspire others? Are you currently facing a situation that could benefit from shared support? Consider forming a group within the Hope Community to connect with like-minded individuals. This community is a beacon of hope and healing, where support is readily available, and stories become powerful tools for helping others.

We encourage you to join us in growing this incredible community. Your unique experiences and perspectives contribute to the rich tapestry of Convene Hope & Support.

About Matthew Currin: Meet the driving force behind Convene Communities—Matthew Currin. As a distinguished speaker, trainer, life coach, and retired Marine Corps Helicopter Pilot, Matthew brings a wealth of experience to the table. His journey includes serving as a former helicopter EMS Pilot and current Team Penske NASCAR pilot.

Matthew Currin is not just the president and founder of Convene Communities, LLC; he is the embodiment of its mission. Through platforms like MatthewCurrin.com, ConveneCommunities.com, ConveneTraining.com, and the Convene Application, he strives to create spaces where individuals can connect, learn, and grow.

In his own words, "It may sound cliché, but I'm passionate about helping others as much as I possibly can." Join Matthew and the Convene Hope & Support community in making a difference—one experience, one story, and one person at a time.



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Yokefellow Prison Ministry
Yokefellow Prison Ministry of North Carolina, Inc. is an interdenominational Christian ministry of reconciliation begun in 1969. It is founded on the idea that people’s lives are changed through committed relationships. The ministry is conducted by trained volunteers who lead weekly meetings of small groups inside North Carolina’s correctional institutions, residential reentry facilities, and partner churches. Yokefellow is not focused on worship, preaching, teaching, counseling, or Bible study, but rather on committed volunteers listening, sharing, caring, encouraging, and providing support to those on the “inside” through small group meetings.
Yokefellow Prison Ministry
Recovery Soulfood
The Recovery Soulfood Group is a place for Conscious recovery Information, Inspiration & Motivation! We offer practical advice, personal stories of Hope & Success, & Content that nourishes the recovering soul
Lona (LC) Currie
RISE UP Podcast - Anthony McCauley
RISE UP I have found that mentoring and pouring into others, that many people deal with issues of resolving confusion, self-doubt, and making positive decisions. Is there a single path or single right path to fulfillment and happiness? NO! I love enthusiastically integrating confidence that suggest solutions that will guide others to pursue their life path and progression towards individual goals.
Anthony McCauley
The Adoption Rollercoaster - A Support Group for Families in Crisis
Mental and emotional healing involves addressing psychological well-being and promoting mental health. Emotional support from loved ones, friends, or support groups can provide a sense of belonging, understanding, and empathy. This group is here to provide a peer support group through an online community that helps individuals connect with others through shared experiences, providing validation, advice, and encouragement. We hope you use the discussion board to seek advice and support through your journey. Thank you for being here. You are safe here.
Jodi Watkins

Community Public Experiences

Battles with Depression
This experience was created to help those who suffer from depression. Also, to let you know you aren't alone. I suffered from depression 2 years ago and will not judge you because I was once in your shoes. Feel free to share some of your experiences on here. I look forward to seeing you soon.
Coping in Tough Times
Here are two simple but powerful concepts to him a person cope BETTER in tough times.
Eugene Brown Jr
Eric Burgiss
Eric Burgiss's Talk - The 108 Challenge LIVE!
Matthew Currin
AMY RONSHAUSEN - "Introduction to Drug Free America and Telehealth Services"
Amy Ronshausen's Talk - The 108 Challenge LIVE!
Matthew Currin
WENDY DANICOURT - "Therapy Services via Telehealth and Technology"
Wendy Danicourt's Talk - The 108 Challenge LIVE!
Matthew Currin
JULIETA SANTAGOSTINO - "Effective tools for Drug Prevention Through Education "
Julieta Santagostino
Matthew Currin
SANDY MOTLEY- “Community Leader and Davidson County Community Partner introducing DC Connect, Inc., a recovery system of care “
Sandy Motley's Talk- The 108 Challenge LIVE!
Matthew Currin
JONATHAN TYSINGER - "Dismantling Stigma"
Jonathon Tysinger's Talk- The 108 Challenge LIVE!
Matthew Currin
Story of Recovery: Aaron Howd
The 108 Challenge LIVE!- Aaron Howd Recovery Story
Matthew Currin
Story of Recovery: Morgan Prince
The 108 Challenge LIVE!- Morgan Prince Recovery Story
Matthew Currin
Are You an Alcoholic?
Are you a casual drinker or an alcoholic?
Eugene Brown Jr
Michael DeLeon
Michael DeLeon's Talk - The 108 Challenge LIVE!
Matthew Currin
Module 5 -- Understanding Those We Serve
Module 5 include the profile of an incarcerated person, continuing the cycle, breaking the cycle, and Yokefellow Prison Ministry’s role in helping break the cycle.
Yokefellow Prison Ministry
Module 7 -- Next Steps
Module 7 provides the next steps for completing the volunteer application process.
Yokefellow Prison Ministry
Module 6A -- Navigating through Boundaries in Prison
Module 6A describes the boundaries that Yokefellow volunteers must respect to minister to inmates in a prison setting.
Yokefellow Prison Ministry
Module 6B -- Respecting Post-incarceration Boundaries
Module 6B covers post-incarceration policies, best practices (what to do), practices to avoid (what NOT to do), and practices to be cautious about.
Yokefellow Prison Ministry
Module 1 -- Overview of Yokefellow Prison Ministry
This module provides an overview of Yokefellow Prison Ministry, including a summary of what we do, a brief history of the ministry, and an explanation of the ministry's structure.
Yokefellow Prison Ministry
Module 3 -- The Yokefellow Meeting
This module describes the local Yokefellow meeting, including what it looks like, small group discussions, building relationships, and the differences between prison and post-incarceration Yokefellow meetings.
Yokefellow Prison Ministry
Module 2 -- Scope of Yokefellow Prison Ministry
Module 2 provides an overview of the scope of Yokefellow Prison Ministry -- what it IS and what it IS NOT.
Yokefellow Prison Ministry
Module 4 -- Active Listening
This module provides an overview of Active Listening, including an explanation of what active listening is, reflecting feelings, summarizing, and showing empathy.
Yokefellow Prison Ministry
Making the most out of your DASH!
Return live video from Anthony McCauley
Anthony McCauley