Battles with Depression
by Temekia
Since I suffered from depression 2 years ago and got professional help, I know how to handle myself a lot better now.   At the time I was going through my depression, my mother was really there for me.   I remember one day in the afternoon my mother witnessed me putting a whole lot of Tylenol pills in my mouth at one time.  She saved my life by consoling me telling me everything will be alright.  As she was hugging me, I couldn't stop crying.  This incident made me realize that my depression was serious and I went to seek professional help.  Lately I have been getting a little depressed due to seeking employment after losing my job in January.   Also, I broke my ankle back in November of 2016 and was put in a cast for 3 months. The doctor I originally went to told me I needed surgery after I wore a cast for 3 months.   I was very disappointed because that should have happened from the beginning.  I went to have a 2nd opinion from another doctor and he told me I definitely needed surgery to correct the problem.  Now, I'm still recovering from the surgery I had in April of 2018.  I finally will be out of the boot in 2 more weeks.   It will feel so good being able to wear my regular shoes.  Back in December of 2016, I was in a very bad car accident.  I was waiting on the insurance company to make a settlement but my attorney told me he will be forced to file a lawsuit against them since they refuse to pay.  So, experiencing all of this caused me to really get depressed.  But, I overcame depression the first time and can do it again.  I'm looking on the bright side of it because everything will work out in my favor.  All of these expected situations definitely took me by surprise.  But, I keep myself busy so I won't think about my problems.  

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