Almost The End! .39 Alcohol Level
by Matthew

Everyone knows that high school students experiment with alcohol. Well I was no exception to that rule! The only problem was that I tried to kill myself the first time right out of the gate!

I was a sophomore in high school in Raleigh, NC. During the spring I was on the varsity baseball team. In fact, I was the only sophomore. I remember the day like it was yesterday. We had played a game at Lee County. I had a great day with multiple hits and we had won the game. After we returned from the game and I was going out with some of the seniors on the team. Because I had a brother that was 22 years old I took it upon myself to get us some alcohol. We met my brother and he had gotten us a half gallon of Jim Beam. 

Now just so you know before I get to far into the story I have never drank alcohol. As we rode to the party that as down a dirt road I remember taking my first shots straight from the bottle. It was nasty- but I was fitting in. We arrived at the party and I remember turning the bottle up and taking a big shot of whiskey and...

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