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RISE UP Podcast - Anthony McCauley

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RISE UP I have found that mentoring and pouring into others, that many people deal with issues of resolving confusion, self-doubt, and making positive decisions. Is there a single path or single right path to fulfillment and happiness? NO! I love enthusiastically integrating confidence that suggest solutions that will guide others to pursue their life path and progression towards individual goals.

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" target="_blank">"Loving Yourself"

" target="_blank">Expectations - "Good or Bad"

" target="_blank">"What is your daily news headline"

" target="_blank">"Unleashing the power of your Authentic Purpose and Mission"

" target="_blank">"Mirror Experience:

" target="_blank">Setback for the Comeback

" target="_blank">"Authentic Purpose"

" target="_blank">"Denial vs. Refusal"

What are you expecting? People often assume that positive and negative affect are on two opposite ends of a bipolar scale. You can only be at one point on this scale, meaning you can be experiencing one type of affect to a certain degree (from extremely mild to extremely strong), but not the other at the same time. You can't have positive and negative thoughts simultaneously!
Discover the Diamonds on your Journey. Your Authentic Purpose and Authentic Mission must involve a commitment and acceptance that we do not merely exist. Disillusionment will keep you from you purpose; focus on your spiritual direction! Its never too late to become what you could have been! "Everything is attainable if you truly believe in yourself and conquer those internal fears that often cause you to question your abilities." They both have negative connotations, and at first seem very similar, but they are not easily interchangeable. Denial usually speaks of dismissing the truth but can also be used to refuse an activity or believe in something. Now refusal is used to turn down or negate taking a part.
Work on being in love with the person in the mirror who has been through so much but is still standing!

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